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Dear Readers,

In recent years, the Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine has shown important advances in both the content and quality of its published articles, and the volume of submissions has increased substantially. Since the end of 2013, over 100 manuscripts have been processed (peer- and editorial-reviewed, and accepted or rejected). Now indexed in seven databases, Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine has earned recognition as one of Montenegrin leading scientific journals in the area of sports science and medicine. This is reflected in its MR4 status, as recognized by the University of Montenegro, the Department specialized for the classification of scientific publications. Additionally, Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine has earned a current score of ICV 5.02, as reported in the IC Journals Master List 2012. As a consequence of these accomplishments, on behalf of our authors, journal board members and anonymous reviewers, all of people who have volunteered to contribute to the success of the journal, I have a pleasure to invite additional members to join us in an effort to make the Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine widely recognized international publication.

In January 2014, the Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine’s guidelines were modified to meet the goal of making it an international journal. Journal Management decided that all manuscripts should comply with the APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines for the writing style, references, citations, and other technical details. The APA system is the most commonly used citation and writing style in the fields of psychology, education, and the social and behavioral sciences, and it replaces the previously adopted. The last manuscripts were approved for publications under the previous guidelines are available in the Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, Volume 3, Issue 1, dated March 2014. From the January 1, 2014, all authors have to prepare their manuscript according to new guidelines and Volume 3, Issue 2, will launch a new phase of the journal “ahead of print.”

After three successful issues of the Journal, I can freely emphasize the compelling reasons for launching a new open-access journal in this ever-expanding area of research such as sports science and medicine, as well as to emphasize our aspirations and vision for the future. I must highlight it is more than beneficial to have a journal, which gives free access to its contents and promotes high-quality research and intellectual output of scientists who have limited access to mainstream journals in the past. Hence, we aim to bridge the gap so that authors get a wider audience for their high-quality scientific achievements. I also believe we will be increasing the number of high-quality original research article and scientific reviews, notes, preliminary communications and conference papers from authors around the world, as well as editorials, a "letter to the editor" section, abstracts from international and national congresses, panel meetings, conferences and symposia, and be able to continue functioning as an open discussion forum on significant issues of current interest.

Lastly, I would highlight the Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine’s transition period has been a challenging process, both for the community of researchers - those who collaborate with the journal (editors and reviewers), and for prospective authors. Hence, we need your help in the future and I wish to encourage more contributions from the scientific community and industry practitioners to ensure a continued success of the Journal. Authors, reviewers and editors are always welcome. We welcome comments and suggestions that could improve the quality of the journal.

Thank you much for reading the Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine and we hope you will still find the Journal informative enough,

Prof. Duško Bjelica, PhD,