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Dear Readers,

we are so pleased to inform all that the home page of our Society, the Montenegrin Sports Academy has been renewed this spring and it is available at www.csakademija.me. Hence, you can find all information regarding to our journals and the annual conference at this address.

I am so honored to inform you that our new home page has been favorably accepted by various kinds of users, from students to senior experienced scholars, especially in that it has provided the users with direct link to a scientific paper retrieval function which is able to search papers in our journals: Sport Mont and Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine that is available in English. This improvement will increase the visibility of both journals, especially Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine that is known for one of the leading journals in the area of social sciences in Montenegro and wider. We have decided to renew our home page for globalization and further development of Montenegrin Sports Academy as well as our scientific journals and the conference.

I would also remind all the potential authors as always that Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine also provides an ideal forum for exchange of information on aspects of sports science and medicine; all clinical aspects of exercise, health, and sport; exercise physiology and biophysical investigation of sports performance; sport biomechanics; sports nutrition; rehabilitation, physiotherapy; sports psychology; sport pedagogy, sport history, sport philosophy, sport sociology, sport management; and all aspects of scientific support of the sports coaches from the natural, social and humanistic side, in various formats: original papers, review papers, editorials, short reports, peer review - fair review, as well as invited papers and award papers.

In recent years, the Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine has continued to show important advances in both the content and quality of its published articles, and the volume of submissions has increased substantially. Since the last issue, over 80 manuscripts have been processed (peer- and editorial-reviewed, and accepted or rejected). Now indexed in 47 databases, Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine has kept recognition as one of Montenegrin leading scientific journals in the area of sports science and medicine.

Finally, we wish to encourage more contributions from the scientific community and industry practitioners to ensure a continued success of our journal. Authors, reviewers and guest editors are always welcome. We also welcome comments and suggestions that could improve the quality of our journal.

Thank you for reading us and we hope you will find this issue of MJSSM informative enough.

Prof. Duško Bjelica, PhD